"Allow your items to communicate"

The first universal ANONYMOUS communication platform for physical object owners and users.

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Android APK (Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, ..)iOS (Apple iPhone)


Scan the QR code on the attached label to establish a communication bridge between you and the person that registered the label and attached it to his or her item.


Compose and send a message.


The person receives your message on his or her mobile phone within moments. Now you can exchange messages even without knowing the true identity of the person.

Examples of use

Place the labels on your luggage in case it gets lost.

Place the label on your car’s window so other can let you know if there’s something wrong with your car or you are just blocking somebody’s else car.

How about anonymous communication between 2 people? Create your own business card that contains our generated QR code. Pass it on to the target person via a third person. Voilá! Now you can message with a person you don’t even know.

Plans and Pricing

Our DropMeNote mobile app is free. So how do we make money and move project forward? We accept donations and apply for various financial support alternatives. We also devote our free time for the project. By donating you qualify to get a PAIR of FREE DMN QR stickers from us. One standard and one window type sticker. Write a preferred color in the donation comment, if they are in stock we will mail you those. Get them here.


Can I design my own labels?

Yes, you can design and print your own labels. Read more at: https://www.dropmenote.com/labels/.

Where can I download the mobile apps?

Mobile apps are available on Google Play and Apple App Store.

Could you show me a DMN code to scan & test?

Scan using your phone camera: