Quick Guide

Setting up the APP


Download the mobile app from the Google play or Apple App Store. Run the application and register your account. On the “items” screen select the (+) icon to add the new label. Fill in the required fields and click on the download button.

If you do not have the mobile app installed, you can try our web app to the right. One function will not work however- the the code camera scanner.

Labels and Stickers

DropMeNote messaging solution consists of two main parts, the mobile application and physical labels (stickers) with generated valid QR codes (called DMN codes) on them. Labels can be printed at home. See how.

If you have designed and printed your labels prior to registering in the app or you received DMN compatible labels from third party pick the label that you want to register and let the application read the DMN code part of the label. Fill in the required fields. Your label registration should now be complete. Stick the label at a visible place to your item (e.g. driver’s car window, front side of letter box, luggage tag, etc…). For the semi transparent reverse labels that are meant for the glass application, stick them on the proper place first and then do the registration process.

That’s it!

Congratulations, your item is now online. You are able to exchange messages with whomever scans the label 😉

See it in action!